About us

Hoshen Holdings is a multinational real estate company, concentrating on delivering the most effective investment and development solutions, while achieving technical and implementation excellence on building communities for today and tomorrow. Focused on quality, credibility and customer satisfaction. our goal is to create homes that will stand the test of time and will bring added-value to people’s lives.
We are seeking to fulfill dreams by building safe, comfortable and affordable homes following our strong values:


The living units that we deliver integrate new and modern solutions in order to satisfy the most special demands in matters of design and comfort. We value the trust of our clients so we do our best to earn and keep it from a project to another.


People need to feel safe in their homes so we seek to ensure continuous improvement in safety levels in order for them to feel this way.


We have a rich backround of successfull projects so we can strongly claim that behind each of them lies the knowledge and dedication of competent professionals: engineers, architects and technicians.


We offer people a chance to a better live because we are strongly connected to the market demand and buying power, we “listen” to their needs and act accordingly by developing suitable real estate products . Our purpose is to build the tangible dream for those who are looking for their dream house.